His name is Hamiltalons~ GUNS AND SHIPS

Hamilton the musical is literally the best theatre production ever made in mankind. It makes sense that we are working on it during socials studies. In fact, I think it’s the one thing that should be required for everybody to study at school. Written by the genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton the musical is not only about the brilliant  life story of Alexander Hamilton, but it is also an ingenious piece of a combination of different genres of music.

So, my song is “Guns and Ships” , which I believe is the eighteenth song in the whole musical. Here, listen to the song (it’s SOOO good).


Contribution towards the musical:

This song is mainly a character development episode of the Frenchman Lafayette, how his relationship with the French government helped the Americans win the war(I would put his real name here but it’s kind of long. What’s that? You want to see how long it is? Alright. Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette. Let’s just call him Lafayette), as well as how much he needs Hamilton’s help in battle.

  • This is the song right after “That would be enough“, where Eliza wrote to Washington begging him to send Hamilton home because she is expecting a baby soon but she did this without telling Hamilton first.
  • Hamilton promoted commander in “History has its Eyes on You” by Washington. Washinton is stating that from now on Hamilton is playing a key role in history and everybody is depending on him(especially his wife Eliza and their son Philips). 
  • Fought alongside with Lafayette in “Yorktown(The World Turned Upside Down)”, which I believe is Tony’s song. Yorktown is the last major battle in the American Revolution. After the battle of Yorktown, Lafayette returns to France.

In my opinion, the main theme statement of this chunk of the musical is that one does not need to be born in a particular country to fight for it. Lafayette wasn’t even technically an immigrant since he eventually returned to France. However, Lafayette is considered an American hero in almost all states, and during his visit of the country’s 50 years anniversary, he was welcomed and greeted with high respect by all Americans. The same statement applies to Hamilton.

Historical context:

Lafayette was a very talented guy with brilliant tactics that constantly confused the British in battle,  and he—like Hamilton— was made an orphan at a very young age. He traveled to America, having moved by the American cause and wanting to prove himself in battle. Lafayette was overseeing the American Army as the Major General at the early of 18 years old. The Americans highly valued Lafayette because of his close connections with the French military, and also because he fought voluntarily without pay (He’s one of the richest men in France, having inherited so much wealth from  his dead family members).

  • Funding the American Army with supplies and troops from France. Which is a key component to the war because without Lafayette, it is highly doubtful that America will win due to the uneven balance. Do you see that reference now? Man, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a gift to mankind.

I come back with more guns and ships, and so the balance shifts.

  • Lafayette also fought in the French Revolution, which I believe we will be learning soon after this. Although Lafayette wasn’t particularly on a specific side of the French Revolution. Most of the time he was standing a middle ground maintaining social order during the Revolution.
  • This song doesn’t necessarily connect directly to any big ideas in the course. However, the curricular content of demographical shifts and obviously revolution is shown quite clearly in the song. Well, the whole formation of America itself is a demographical movement. And since Lafayette fought in two revolutions, he demonstrates a very thorough example of political and social revolution.
  • The statement found in “Guns And Ships” kind of makes me think of Donald Trump, the man you can’t walk ten minutes without hearing about. He does not believe that Latino Americans and African Americans—even though most of them are legal citizens— should be regarded as Americans. He continuously refuses to believe in Obama’s presidency because he doesn’t think Obama was born in America. To be honest with you, I really don’t think it matters considering all the things that Obama did for the U.S.A.

Personal connections:

This song holds the honor of being the fastest song in the fastest theatre production of all times. Some sources even claim that this song is flat up the fastest song in Broadway. Either way, it’s super epic and awesome. The way the introduction and conclusion of the song use the same musical verse from the first song is just totally amazing. Also, do you want to know a little secret of mine? I like American dudes wearing wigs with an accent a lot. Like, A LOT. Lafayette is so perfect. The cast for Lafayette, Daveed Diggs, aced the French accent while rapping at a speed as fast as 19 words in 3 seconds, isn’t that the best?

In addition to that, according to Rap Genius, Daveed Diggs was also jumping around like this during his rap.

Image courtesy to rapgenius.com


Anyways, I think that’s all for this post. I’m going to listen to more Hamilton now. Thank you, Mr. Jackson for introducing this awesome musical to us, I am really glad that I can do an assignment about it. Bye now!

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