In-Depth Post #1: (^_^)b Let’s get going!

In-Depth is starting everyone!! If you don’t know, now you know.  I need to stop making Hamilton references on my blog.  Isn’t it great? It’s one of the special experiences that only a TALONS member would understand. The fact that we can pick a subject of our choice and study it for five months is quite fascinating. FIVE MONTHS!!! Well…. it’s slightly overwhelming at the same time. Yes. Yes it is.

The main goal of this project isn’t just to acquire the skills that you wish. It’s to learn how to have a beautiful mind and get more out of a conversation. Here are the two universal goals posted on Ms. Mulder’s blog.

1. Know something about everything and everything about something.

2. Learn what others tell you is important and learn what you decide is important.

 Ms. Mulder’s blog

Rather suitable for a project like this. Ambitious. But that’s what makes it such a wonderful project! Don’t let your dreams be dreams! HECK YEAH!

So far, I’ve read most of the book “how to have a beautiful mind” by Edward De Bono and it is very inspiring in relation to ways of thinking and having better conversations. I will most definitely use them in my mentor sessions because it seems like a much more efficient method of interacting with others.

For this project I chose—- drum roll please—– Character animation!!! My initial choice was going to be scientific illustration, extremely accurate drawings of biological organisms from cells to elephants. However, not only does this topic require a high understanding in biology, the level of difficulty of finding a local mentor is on top of Mt. Everest.

So I chose character animation, which is as interesting as the previous choice if not even better in some cases. I shall be drawing character model sheets, storyboards, backgrounds as well as designing my very own audio for two animations. Both animations are going to be at least 2 minutes long and I would like one of them to be coloured. I will probably be using the school computer lab for the audio designs, seeing that I don’t have Garage Band on my PC. Since I have Photoshop CS6 on my laptop I should be able to do the drawing and planning part at home. In fact, I already drew 2 pages of model sheets for the upcoming black and white animation. I’ll give you lovely people a sneak peak.

And no he is not Hitler

And no he is not Hitler

My major concern at the moment is the fact that I don’t have any animation software to use. I emailed Mr. Gilbar, our digital media and ICT 9/10 teacher, and he recommended a couple of free software as well as the student versions of Adobe Flash and ToomBoom. My mentor Mr. Udell said that he has the most experience with Flash and he thinks that it is the best software for me to use as well. He might be able to get me an older version of Flash as well. For most of the animation I would like to keep tweening at a minimum level and draw most of the frames one by one in order to promise the best quality for my audiences. The whole animation process is going to be a pain in the rear, but legacy can be burden as much as it is an honor, just as I mentioned in my last blog post about Hamilton. (making Hamilton references again I’m sorry)

Like I mentioned before, my mentor is Mr. Jodey Udell, who is our school’s animation 11 and 12, ICT, as well as digital media and film teacher. I might be taking the animation course at Place Des Arts if I have space to squeeze it into my timetable. My older sister Janelle can be a great help to, seeing that she took Mr. Udell’s Digital Media class last year. I’ve already met with Mr. Udell last Thursday and discussed my plan for the project. I’ll be meeting him at least on a weekly basis and the most ideal time for us to meet is during after school hours or at lunch (That means I can easily invade the school’s computer lab mwahahaha). I plan on learning story boarding, audio designing, timing, and obviously animating.

There are a gajillion reasons as to why I chose animations. I’ve listed the main ones below:

  1. In grade 8 my English teacher showed us an animated short per class and taught us the components of storytelling using those animations. That was when I realised how condensed an animated short is regarding plot, characters, and theme. I thoroughly enjoyed those classes.
  2. I love watching animated movies. From Snow White to Finding Dory, animate movies have always been an important part of my life. While other kids are talking about super deep movies about life or whatever, I’m just there sitting on my couch watching the 1982 Doraemon movie on New Year’s Eve (Yes that’s how my 2016 ended. It’s great btw). Animations are my childhood. I still keep up the newest Pixar animations.

    gif courtesy to

    3. If you go on YouTube and search animated shorts, you will get loads of amazing animations that are just so inspiring. Since I like to draw and all that I just find animations so amazing to watch.

    4. Animation is the 4-dimensional media to visual arts. If  I learn animation, I can add another medium into my possible future portfolio.

My my, isn’t this post getting long. I better stop now. Let us begin the glorious(and probably kind of stressful) era…. of In-Depth!!!


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  1. You wove many critical elements of this project into your blog post, You have a clear idea of the purpose for this project and the learning that can take place when you go in depth! I look fo4ward to your animations. Talk to Eric K. grade 11 TALONS alumnus, for some advice, too.

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