In-Depth Post #5 FIRST ANIMATION IS COMPLETE!!! (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )!




Not to brag or anything, but I am actually so happy that I finished it on time. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve done in life (Probably because my life has not been long enough to make stuff yet). Let’s see, I began the model sheets on January 9th, the storyboards on January 18th, and then the animatics on February 2nd. So I technically didn’t start the actual animation process until February 3rd.

I wish there was an animator appreciation day….

Well, over the last few days I’ve finished colouring very quickly and began all the final sound effects and editing loads in Adobe Premiere (Which I downloaded the free 7 day trial of on my sister’s Mac since I’m desperate). Before that, I had to export the animation out of my Flash as a video file, right? Well, something went berzerk with my Flash and I spent a whole day trying to export the file properly. Very fortunately, I listened to Mr. Udell’s extremely wise advice and kept a separate copy of my work every day because…. You guessed it! The program crashed! Three times! Well, eventually things got sorted out and the animation was finally exported out of Flash as a MOV file!

After all the crazy exporting glitches, I imported the animation into Premiere on a separate device because I cannot afford to let my laptop crash again. Anyways, then I just put all the sound effects, and voice over that I’ve collected over the last few weeks during lunch with my fellow students and Mr. Jackson! Yes! Mr. Jackson! As I mentioned in my last post, Mr. Jackson is a very good voice actor and he kindly agreed to be my voice actor for the animation. If you don’t know, Tori, Megan, and Owen also very kindly agreed to be my voice actors during a lunch time rush. So I would like to thank them for their work. Don’t worry if you didn’t become my voice actor, I will make another animation and I will recruit new voice actors 😉

Janelle also finished making all the background music for the animation, so then I just had to put everything together. Which actually took a while because it’s my very first touching Premiere and it is—in my personal opinion— one of the weirdest Adobe programs to use. After a week of putting things together, I was technically finished with the animation! However, since I am also submitting the piece to the BC student film festival, I had to make a trailer too. Which isn’t all that bad because I’ve already learned how to use Premiere and everything. And then I just submitted the animation along with the trailer!!!





I know it seems really short but animation takes way longer than you expected. Please go and send those Disney animators some love, they are very underrated.

Overall, I quite liked the animation process (besides those technical difficulties). I think I was a little rushed at the end which made some frames a little… sketchy. The rush was actually not necessary because I was faster than I expected on editing.

All in all, let’s see my beautiful mind conversation with Mr. Udell which was held before I finished this project.

*note: since I read the wrong post for the last blog, this time I’ll be covering topics I was supposed to last time and all….*

How to Listen:

Even though my last meeting was a rather short one, I was listening quite closely to my mentor because for this session I was showing him my almost-finished-not-really animation and looking for feedbacks.

What new information are you getting and what questions did you ask to probe further into the topic?

Discuss any new points of view you developed while in conversation with your mentor.

Before this post, there were still some major sound effects missing from the animation. Such as the sound of whipping when the characters move around and when the old guy stepped on the main character. Mr. Udell said that it’s almost like a squish sound, and he said I can even make this sound myself. I didn’t think of being the sound effect maker before, in fact, I barely thought the sound effects could be made by the human mouth. I never knew Mr.Udell was so good at demonstrating sound effects either What were some of the alternative perceptions that are new to you?

You know how my title of the animation is partially red? The “s” in “Flower(s)”? Right off the bat, Mr. Udell told me that the dark burgundy that I originally used was way too dark and indistinguishable with the black background. He also mentioned that the dark red letter would almost be impossible to see for those who are colour-blind, even those who are just not colour- sensitive. I never considered this before and I thought it was very cool that he brought it up.

I also learned that I can use sound effects from Creative Commons websites. Although that is actually not necessary because apparently, the student resources have thousands of sound effects. We have a license just for this kind of stuff. Man, if I had this information earlier, I wouldn’t have to pretend to fall on my knees at my house multiple to create sound effects.


How am I supposed to start? All of my dialogues during the meeting were basically questions. Some examples are ‘Where especially would I put in the sound effects?”, ” How would I make these sound effects?”, “Is it okay if I used sound effects from websites online?”, “So you think the sound effects fit with the music?”. The last two examples, I realized was a shooting question. Shooting questions are quite important in this particular meeting, where I am searching for a multiple choice, or yes/no answer.

The fishing questions were mainly to probe further into topics I want to talk about but have no idea what will come out, for instance, one of the questions I asked was: “Any comments on the music?” I asked this question right after my talk about sound effects because that was what I wanted to focus on next. Both of us agreed that it’s not perfect, but it’s good for the amount of time I have. Another example is when I was clarifying for where the student sound effects were, “The sound effects are on the animation website, right?”. Guess what? I’m glad that I asked that question because it’s not. It’s on the school servers. It was a little disappointing because I didn’t get a chance to actually use those effects due to lunch meetings. This is another thing that I can add to my wishlist for my next animation, though!

I found it helpful when I repeat what my mentor said, but in the form of a question to clarify. It turns a mentor’s response into a shooting question for clarification. It’s a very specific method for getting an answer.


Okay, I think this is good enough for this post now. I’m taking a break y’all! (just kidding, I’ll start on my next model sheet pretty soon (;_;). Should I take a break? Well, in case if you haven’t noticed, this post is written before my glorious spring break, so yeah I am taking a break. But not for long….

See you on the other side of spring break! okay I’m using the same homemade gif again. I’ll see you on the other side of this gif



  1. Thanks Deon for sharing your work with us. I hereby declare Monday, April 3, 2017 animator appreciation day. Let us know how your entry performs.

    • Thank you so much for your support Ms. Mulder! I really appreciate it! I hereby declare that every day is Ms. Mulder appreciation day!

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